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Newman Bluffs Farm, LLC
Natural Body Soaps & Natural Farming


 Newman Bluffs Soap Bars Welcome to Newman Bluffs NatureWorks™ and thank you for coming. Newman Bluffs™ is a family operated company dedicated to natural farming and fragrant, nourishing body soaps. Nestled in Eastern Washington's Palouse farm country, we formulate and manufacture soap bars that create invigorating suds for your hands, heart, and mind. We also grow local food for your body and soul... all wholesome and grown without chemical sprays.

Newman Bluffs soaps are bars created in a time honored fashion that has been lost by the commercial detergent industry and our fast-paced world. We like to think that our customers can forget their worries for a while and slow down while in the bath or while washing their hands. Life is short and the benefits of a wholesome bar of soap should not be forgotten. You'll be reminded each time you wash with a Newman Bluffs bar.  Newman Bluffs Sunset

We believe in the benefits of all-vegetable preparations containing olive oil, honey, shea butter, botanicals, and essential oils. Other than cow and goat milk in some formulas, we use no animal fat (tallow or lard). Newman Bluffs soaps are cured in wooden molds, hand cut, and left to slowly harden in our temperature controlled drying rooms. Like people and animals, no two bars are identical. We like that genuine uniqueness and know that you will too. Above all, you will like what Newman Bluffs bars do naturally for you and your family, without artificial detergents, colorants, synthetic fragrance oils,
and preservatives. Only the finest vegetable oils and botanicals are used. Friendly. Soothing. Real.

The Newman Bluffs Story

We always welcome your comments and appreciate your kind patronage. Thank you for your soap order and happy bathing! Got a question? Email us. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We have partnered with Inland Speech Pathology where soap bars are available. Please call (509) 448-5970 to order. Click here to go to Inland Speech.


Michelle, Austin, and Dr. Brian Shute, Newman Bluffs  NatureWorks, SoapWorks, Laboratories & Farms

Choose from some popular varieties of real soap. Perfect for face and body. Each chunky bar is attractively packaged and labeled. Ready for use or a perfect gift for friends and family. 100% All Natural Soap.

Lavender Oat Zeal Soap
A chunky bar with relaxing organic lavender flowers and exfoliating oat powder. $5.95

Old Bulldog Soap
This soap bar is big and bad, yet reverent and gentle. Named after our beloved Zags and Bulldogs around the world. Bright and spicy with notes of clove. $5.95

Milk Mint Moo (cow) Soap
A wonderful bar with mint essence and the smoothing qualities of Inland NW Honey, farm grown Apple Mint, and cows milk. $5.95

Spicy Goat Milk Soap
Formulated with goats milk, honey, and essential spice oils. Gentle and lovely to use. $5.95

Anise Clove Soap
A nicely fragrant bar that will make you feel clean and fresh. Besides a zesty bath bar, this bar is a superb kitchen soap. $5.95

Lemon Zinger Soap
Lemony fragrant and delightful in the shower. Made with Lemon Verbena for a rich, spicy bar of soap. $5.95

Seasonal Soap
Periodically we create limited quantities of our Seasonal Soap
using various herbs and spices. Please ask us what the seasonal bar is at the time of your order, or be pleasantly surprised. $5.95

Carroteen Soap™ 
Under our Seasonal Soap label we create Carroteen Soap. Earthy and rooty. Patrons have reported to us that this soap is helpful for acne. $5.95.

Easiest Ordering is accomplished by calling Inland Speech at 509 448-5970

Order online by going here: Inland Speech.

Telephone Inquiries and Orders: 509 448-5970

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Accepted

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