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The Newman Bluffs Story


Born with sensitive skin, I grew tired of scaly dryness and irritation that developed after showering. Commercial soaps left me with uncomfortable patches of dry skin and redness. It was evident that the “detergents” I was using to clean my skin were also irritants. Even some of the so called “natural soaps” with combinations of “fragrance oils and essential oils” were nasty to my skin. Methodically, I set out to create a better product that was All-Natural and one that would satisfy our family needs. The goal to create a gentler, friendlier non-detergent soap was made when our bodies, noses, and skin told us so. Newman Bluffs NatureWorks™ has morphed into a family company. Now you too can enjoy our naturally invigorating soap.

Newman Bluffs Soap Bars

As for our name, Newman was a friendly black cat who made  his presence known and is remembered by many. Like our  soap, Newman was gentle and friendly, so much so, we appointed him as the company mascot many years ago. And then there are the Bluffs that adorn the area… beautifully  known as Newman Bluffs. ~Dr. B

Ten reasons why you should buy Newman Bluffs Soap

They gently and naturally clean and protect your body

They contain Olive Oil blended with other beneficial vegetable oils—Other than milk in some formulations, no animal fats are used. In fact, no animal has suffered to bring you our soaps

They contain Northwest Honey and Shea Butter for their emollient and protective qualities

They are natural and contain no "parfum," synthetic "fragrance oils,” preservatives or chemical dyes that can irritate your skin. They contain no parbens or alcohol. What you see and smell is a true soap and a benefit to your skin

They rinse off easily, smell great, and are bio-friendly

They are generously sized and high lathering soap bars

They are friendly to your nose, body, and face and are perfect in the shower. The proof is soft abundant lather and the way your skin feels after bathing

They are attractive to men and women, make excellent shaving soaps, and are welcome gifts

They are locally made in Spokane, Washington and we are all-natural soap makers and members of the Soapmakers Guild

They are guaranteed to satisfy your hands, heart, and mind...Naturally

Easiest Ordering is accomplished by calling Inland Speech at 509 448-5970

Order online at Inland Speech.

Want to pay by check or money order? Use our Printable Order Form.


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