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Wholesome Ingredients

Wholesome IngredientsFor both your family and ours, only the finest, wholesome ingredients are used to create Newman Bluffs™ Soap. Batches are small and the culminating results of exacting formulation, curing, cutting, and drying. The unique character of Newman Bluffs™ bars come not only from our dedication to natural compounds but also, attention to complementing oils, blending techniques, temperatures, molding, and botanicals. We use premium essential oils spices, and herbs grown on the farm to scent and preserve formulations, and no cheap, imitative "fragrance oils" are used.  Most blends contain honey and shea butter for their emollient and protective benefits.

Nature, more often than not, cleans best if we let her. Newman Bluffs™ bars are steps in that direction.

Our cold process soap bars are not commercially made in large, fast lots. They do not contain lard,
tallow, or suet and no animal has suffered to bring you our formulations. Newman Bluffs Soaps™ are free of metal oxides, petroleum, alcohol, or parabens, and only high quality vegetable ingredients are proudly used. All of the beneficial, naturally occurring glycerin in Newman Bluffs soaps is retained.

Newman Bluffs Soaps™ are made from saponified olive oil,vegetable oils, shea butter, pasturized goat or cow milk, Spokane County honey, botanicals, and natural essence. Friendly. Soothing. Real.


Custom formulations specifically for your family or organization are available.

Newman’s bars are well suited to families, naturalists, and others who want to know that the products they choose are not riddled with artificial detergents, colorants, and preservatives. We steer away from imposing substances with the understanding that our soaps are naturally effective, bio-friendly, and good for you. Try some bars and we’re sure you’ll agree. 

Order online at Inland Speech. 

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